Thanksgiving storm resurfaces a mystery from the depths of Lake Michigan

Crashing waves and erosion persistent enough to wear down cement tubes have been chipping away at Michigan’s western shores throughout the year, but rough surf and storm surge from the Thanksgiving storm churned up more than just sand.

Resting near the shore, a sunken ship lies belly-up and battered. The keel just scrapes above the surface, the end of the keel bending upward and out of the lapping waves.

President of the West Michigan Underwater Preserve John Hanson had gone to investigate the wreckage, trying to piece together the purpose and story behind the vessel.

“The whole keel length is only 12 inches wide and each of the ribs are only 5.5 inches square. And for a ship… a vessel this size to only have that small of ribs and that small of a keel, it was built rather light and for light duty, but not really a sailing ship,” Hanson told AccuWeather. “We realized it was more of a barge or a scow type construction, not a regular sailing schooner.”

By the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the wind and rain of the storm had arrived in Muskegon.

“It was windy, rainy and mild that Wednesday in Muskegon,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said. “Sustained winds were 20-25 mph much of the day from the west and southwest with gusts in the 40s.”

At the Muskegon County Airport 3 miles inland, a gust as high as 51 mph had been recorded.

“The combination of those westerly winds and wave action from the storm likely churned the ship up to the surface and then pushed it to the shore,” Pydynowski said.

Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes are not uncommon, and NOAA even has a database of discovered shipwrecks in U.S. waters. Lake Michigan alone serves as the resting place to around 1,500 discovered shipwrecks.

Included in that count are vessels such as The Lady Elgin, the SS Carl D. Bradley and supposedly the famous Le Griffon.

The Lady Elgin, a sidewheel steamboat, set out from Chicago for Milwaukee just before midnight on Sept. 7, 1860, according to the Winnetka Historical Society.

But visibility was greatly reduced as a storm rolled in, and the schooner Augusta crashed into the side of the larger ship during the early hours of Sept. 8. The Augusta limped away, but made it to its destination of Chicago. The Lady Elgin, however, sank within half an hour, the small ship having opened a large hole in the steamboat’s side.

Over 300 of the nearly 400 lives on board were lost.

The SS Carl D. Bradley also went down during a storm in 1958, and inclement weather is one of the theorized causes of the sinking of Le Griffon in 1679.

“Any storm like [the Thanksgiving storm] producing 50-mph wind gusts, heavy rain and high waves would be dangerous for any ships out on the lake, especially smaller ones,” Pydynowski said. “Not only are the winds and waves dangerous themselves, the rain and spray from the waves can greatly reduce visibility, which obviously is also hazardous to anyone captaining a ship.”

After jumping from guesses and theories on the origin of the boat, Hanson landed on a possible explanation.

“We found a newspaper article saying that in 1936 a barge fell apart on the way being towed to Musegon,” Hanson said.

“It was hauling a 1915 Bucyrus Erie Steam Crane. The barge started taking on water and the Coast Guard was called,” Hanson told Fox News through an email. “In an effort to pull the barge faster to safety, the bow separated from the barge and the Steam Crane went into Lake Michigan, still Hot, to which it exploded.”

The crane from this incident had been discovered eight years prior and sits a quarter mile from the newly discovered barge.

But even this theorized connection sits in rough waters.

“Nothing’s absolute,” Hanson said.

Additional reporting by Blake Naftel.

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New York Guv vetoes costs to legalize e-bikes and e-scooters

However, Gov. Cuomo picked to ban the costs due to a lack of consisted of safety steps.

Here is a copy of the e-bike/ e-scooter veto message. T

— Rich Azzopardi (@RichAzzopardi) December 26, 2019

To move forward from here, the New York legislature will have to come up with a new variation of the bill, pass it once again and send it back to Cuomo will the hope that he will approve it this time.

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An unexpected experience sailing in between Odessa and Kiev

A saxophonist, a Charlie Chaplin impressionist, a Hare Krishna dance troupe and even an angel greeted me as I roamed underneath fairy-lit chestnut trees towards the town hall.

Outside the Opera Theatre, young couples held hands by the fountain, its spurts altering colour in the floodlights. Families strolled amongst statues, pensioners flopped on benches and restaurants filled as the pleasant night accepted darkness.

I absorbed this environment on a bar terrace, my euphoria increased by beer costing bit more than a pound a pint.

Odessa, on the Black Sea, was absolutely nothing like I had actually envisioned. One of Ukraine’s emblems, they link the city and sea.

I was on Viking’s Kiev to the Black Sea cruise, which I carried out in reverse. From 2020 guests will enjoy an extended journey, with the ship cruising to or from Tulcea near the Romanian coast and a night at a Bucharest hotel. Basically, Sineus is used as a drifting hotel in Odessa and Kiev, with a brief Black Sea passage and a 549- mile cruise on Dnieper river connecting the 2 cities.

I had half-expected to find a not surprisingly cautious, perhaps fragile, people in Ukraine after the recent problems in Crimea and the Russian border provinces.

O ur two-night remain in Odessa consisted of an orientation coach-and-walk trip and check outs to Ukraine’s greatest fortress and the appealing catacombs. As much as I enjoyed the city, I was keen to start cruising.

A series of dams and locks have actually turned the Dnieper river into a vast stripe throughout Ukraine consisting of flooded valleys, wetlands and many islands. Fields of wheat, sunflowers and fruit bring colour to the otherwise monochromatic green landscapes.

At many areas along the river are beaches; some huge enough to warrant a cafe or two, others scraps of sand in between reed beds.

The panorama changed as we cruised much deeper into Ukraine. Rickety hamlets clung to the water’s edge. Anglers in small boats cast their lines. Every now and then, the sleek dome of an orthodox church loomed above the trees. Soviet-era industrial architecture likewise threw itself into the mix. Huge girder bridges lifted their lower area, the railway line, to let us pass. Sometimes a gigantic factory raised its chimneyed head. We called at a couple of locations where the monolith in a park seemed to be the main attraction. I have actually never seen such a density of leafy city parks and statues as in Ukraine.

The 196- passenger Viking Sineus showed a great platform for this experience.

D nipro was a real eye-opener. Midway in between Odessa and Kiev, it’s a vast metropolis where I discovered the deserted, decomposing structure jobs as fascinating as the historic architecture.

Its riverside esplanade, stated to be the longest in Europe, had lots of home entertainment. Fizzling water fountains, trendy coffee shops, pirate-style day-trip boats pumping celebration music, skateboarding kids– was this truly as soon as part of the Soviet Union? Nevertheless touristy it took a look at face value, the Cossack program– on the Dnieper’s biggest island, Khortitsa– was unmissable.

We ‘d learnt more about Cossack history from our Ukrainian guides who took a trip with the cruise, but they did not prepare us for the sense of humour that accompanied the daredevil display screen of equestrian abilities. You will not see anyone riding a galloping horse while hanging upside-down by their fingertips at your county gymkhana.

And After That there was Kiev. A large piece has actually been left as a park, its green forest bubbling down to the river. Above it, the golden domes of churches and abbeys shone versus a blue-grey sky. Throw in the 200 feet Motherland Monolith, her 50 ft sword rising as a proud statement, and I thought: exists a finer river-cruise horizon anywhere worldwide?

The city’s old streets and squares, the site of current mass demonstrations, are now undergoing a various sort of revolution. Street performers, al fresco shows, trendy bars, innovative dining establishments and trendy river-beach clubs are all part of the brand-new scene as Ukraine shakes off its Soviet shackles.

T his brilliant brand-new outlook makes an acceptable contrast to the sheer may of Kiev’s historical heritage. In the city centre, the powder-blue St Andrew’s Church and St Michael’s Abbey are topped with glistening orbs, as is the nearby St Sophia’s Cathedral, which dates to the 12 th century.

One of Kiev’s oldest streets, Andriyivskyi, curves down towards street markets and the waterfront where Sineus docks. Our guides likewise took us to Kiev’s shining star, Pechersk Lavra, the Monastery of the Caves– Ukraine’s holiest place. Beneath the spectacular churches are labyrinths with tiny chapels and the mummified bodies of monks.

To my mind, Viking underplays this cruise.


Viking offers the 12- day Kiev, Black Sea & Bucharest cruise from ₤ 2,995 pp including flights. Departures throughout May to September 2020 (; 0800 458 6900).

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Where Should I Retire?: This stunning country is the No. 1 place to retire abroad– and you can do it on simply $2,200 a month

On Thursday, International Living magazine launched its 2020 list of the best countries to retire abroad, and Portugal snagged the No. 1 spot, making high marks for quality health care, a sensible cost of living and the ease with which you can fit into life there (people are friendly, and, while it’s not an English-speaking nation, lots of residents speak English).

10 finest countries to retire abroad

1. Vietnam

To rank these countries, the publication asked its correspondents and on-the-ground specialists living in 24 different nations to rank their countries based on housing, benefits/discounts, visas/residency, ease of fitting in, development, climate, health care, governance, expense of living and other factors.

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Winners and Losers after the Steelers 16-10 loss to the Jets in Week 16

The Pittsburgh Steelers were back on the field Sunday to play the New York City Jets in Week 16 of the routine season. After the AFC conference game on Sunday, it is time to see who carried out well, and who left a lot to be desired.

Gamers who play well can be considered ‘Winners’, while those who left plays on the field can be deemed ‘Losers’.

Let’s check in to see who fell on which side of the ledger after Week 16 …

T.J. Watt

Stat Line: 5 tackles/ 2 solo/ 1 Sack/ 1 TFL/ 1 Required Fumble/ 1 Fumble Recovery/ 3 QB Hits

Could think of where this team would lack T.J. Watt? You could go an action further and suggest where the team would be without this dynamic defense, but Watt is the straw which stirs the protective drink. Who is the most impactful protective player? It isn’t Minkah Fitzpatrick, in my opinion, it is Watt. The male is a one-man wrecking crew who deserves the Defensive Gamer of the Year award.

Mason Rudolph

Stat Line: 14/20/ 129 backyards/ 1 TD/ 0 INT

Perhaps it suggested the season when Rudolph came into the video game, showed the same confidence fans saw when he went into the video game in Week 2 after Ben Roethlisberger entrusted to an elbow injury, and got injured in the third quarter. Rudolph might not be the future at the QB position, but he is certainly getting experience required to be a quality backup in the coming years. He played well throughout his quick stint in the game Sunday.

Diontae Johnson

Stat Line: 8 rec./ 81 backyards/ 1 TD

When he was drafted there were draftniks who stated Johnson had some of the exact same qualities of Antonio Brown

Bud Dupree

Stat Line: 7 deals with/ 2 solo/ 1 sack/ 3 TFL/ 1 QB Hit

Congratulations to Bud Dupree for his sack which gave him 10.5 for the season, and his very first time reaching double-digit sacks in his career. Dupree may have priced himself out of Pittsburgh, however his 2019 season was an unique one for the former first round draft pick. He proved much of us, myself consisted of, incorrect with an outstanding season.

Devlin Hodges

Stat Line: 11/17/ 84 yards/ 0 TD/ 2 INT

When it rains, it pours. Hodges followed up his 4 interception video game vs. the Buffalo Bills in Week 15 with two really bad interceptions in Week16 It wasn’t like the Jets’ defense was leading the league in takeaways. In reality, they sported among the worst secondaries in the league, however Hodges tossed the ball twice into triple protection and got burned. He played so poorly you need to wonder if the result would have been different had actually Rudolph not been hurt and Hodges had to go back into the video game.

Anybody who snaps the football

Stat Line: Bungled snaps have been a season-long trend

The botched snaps are ending up being more than a trend. They are ending up being a problem. Mike Tomlin can discuss how Maurkice Pouncey has always had low snaps, but Ben Roethlisberger handles them with ease, however I’m not purchasing that description. When the center/quarterback exchange isn’t constant consistently, it is a problem.

Offensive Line

Stat Line: 4 sacks/ 7 QB Strikes/ 10.5 TFL

I really don’t wish to hear anyone speak about how terrific this offending line is any longer. They are a good system, however fantastic? No way. The 4 sacks were bad, the 7 QB hits gave up were tough, however permitting 10.5 deals with for a loss is downright awkward. I needed to do a double-take when looking at the statistics to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me …

22 Video Game Streak

Stat Line: Unbelievable

Protecting the football is critical, and Mike Tomlin repeats this weekly. The group can’t do it. 22 successive video games with the Steelers turning the ball over in some way. The focus this past year was on taking the ball away. Objective Accomplished. The 2020 objective should be adding ball security to the list.

Steelers Playoff Hopes

Stat Line: Hopes are on life assistance

Fans are now hanging onto the Baltimore Ravens hopefully resting beginners, and other teams to provide support. Ugh …

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The 10 best computer game of 2019

Image: bob al-greene/ mashable.

By Mashable Staff

This was an intriguing year for computer game.

The video games that actually shined 2019 weren’t follows up to reputable series, they were new worlds with new characters making their marks for the very first time. Sure, there were a couple remakes and follows up that were fantastic, however most of the very best video games of the year brought something entirely new to the table.

A few of the games that had the most significant hype in 2019, like Kingdom Hearts 3, blew over of the zeitgeist shortly after release due to the fact that they didn’t actually do anything fascinating. Meanwhile, dark horses like Control and My Friend Pedro showed that there’s a lot of area in video games for new properties that do what they do exceptionally well.

This year likewise saw the release of Google’s Stadia console, which basically flopped right out of the gate, and after that there was Apple Game, a subscription-based service that introduced with a lot of fantastic little games from all sort of developers.

It was an up and down sort of year, however despite the flops, there were still an entire bunch of great games over the last 12 months.

Here are the best computer game of 2019.

10 Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

The challenge of 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' is exhilarating.

The challenge of ‘Sekiro: Shadows Pass Away Two times’ is thrilling.

Image: fromsoftware, activision.

There was no game in 2019 that was as remarkably designed as the ninja action game Sekiro: Shadows Pass Away Twice The video game puts players in the shoes of Sekiro, a shinobi with the special ability to come back from the dead when, which is exceptionally valuable thinking about how challenging Sekiro is. Like its predecessors Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro puts an emphasis on melee battle where the tiniest error in timing or movement could indicate disaster, which timing and movement is so exactly and carefully designed. It’s tough not to be in wonder of it, as long as the trouble isn’t a big deterrent. – Kellen Beck, Home Entertainment Press Reporter

9. Paradise’s Vault

'Heaven's Vault' makes deciphering a language so fun.

‘ Paradise’s Vault’ makes analyzing a language so enjoyable.

Image: inkle ltd.

It looked a little dicey at launch, as our own review evaluation out. There isn’t any other game rather like this. – Adam Rosenberg, Senior Citizen Entertainment Press Reporter

8. Katana Absolutely No

The challenges never let up in 'Katana Zero.'

The obstacles never ever slow down in ‘Katana Absolutely no.’.

Image: askiisoft, devolver digital.

How’s this for a pitch? Katana Absolutely No is like a side-scrolling Hotline Miami, except you’re a katana-swinging assassin armed with a drug that can bend time. Also, you get your tasks from your psychiatrist, who recommends the time drugs as well. Setting aside the terrific story that’s finest knowledgeable firsthand instead of ruined in a run-through, Katana No is an action game that plays like a puzzle game. Each space you check out is a self-contained difficulty in which you need to find out the most effective escape. It’s a process that generally involves outlining a route in which you sculpt up all the baddies in a matter of seconds, and with terrific design. – AR

7. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal Kestis is a great, dorky character for a Star Wars game.

Cal Kestis is a great, dorky character for a Star Wars game.

Image: respawn home entertainment.

Cal Kestis is hardly the most personable Jedi we have actually come across in a Star Wars, however his post-Order 66 adventure is one of the most gripping flights that 2019 video games had to offer. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes a Jedi’s journey into Dark Souls territory. Fight is quickly, brutal, and penalizing, and levels are stitched by skillfully put, successively opened faster ways. The Star Wars-y vibes are really strong with this one, but what connects the entire thing together is the welcome concession of being able to dial that difficulty method, method down if you simply want your very own lightsaber-swinging and Force-fueled power journey. – AR

6. Death Stranding

Every part of 'Death Stranding' is so compelling.

Every part of ‘Death Stranding’ is so engaging.

Image: kojima productions.

Death Stranding teased the world for so long with its puzzling and enticingly unusual trailers, and when it lastly came out in November, it managed to live up to its own hype. – KB

5. My Buddy Pedro

'My Friend Pedro' has such satisfying action.

‘ My Pal Pedro’ has such pleasing action.

Image: deadtoast home entertainment, devolver digital.

My Good Friend Pedro is about 3 things: moving quick, doing turns, and shooting people. – KB

4. Local Evil 2

The terror of 'Resident Evil 2' is compounded in the modern remake.

The terror of ‘Homeowner Evil 2’ is compounded in the contemporary remake.

Image: capcom.

It’s unclear if one can ever truly recover from playing Homeowner Evil 2 Straight from the bowels of hell (and a 1998 video game of the exact same name), the latest installation in Capcom’s survival scary franchise shook us to our cores. As Officer Leon Kennedy and unsettled badass Claire Redfielld, players lived in a slow-burn world of puzzles and panic that held on tight from start to complete. Specific death prowled at every corner, however the desire to live and beat this god-forsaken video game prevailed. Heading into 2020, we can still hear the steps of Mr. X lurking close– a reality that is at as soon as the highest compliment to Capcom, and an enormous inconvenience to us. – Ali Foreman, Home Entertainment Press Reporter

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3

There are so many delights in 'Luigi's Mansion 3.'

There are many enjoys ‘Luigi’s Estate 3.’.

Image: nintendo.

Few games require to be poked, prodded, and replayed like Luigi’s Mansion 3 From start to end, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was authentic fun– a distinction seldom given to kidnapping simulations– that managed to exceed our incredibly high expectations.– AF

2. Untitled Goose Game

Sorry to these villagers, but a goose has to goose.

Sorry to these villagers, but a goose has to goose.

Image: home house.

Cast aside your moon and star signs, forego your ancestral calendars, and collect ’round ye old platform of option– for this is the Year of the Goose. 2019 video gaming was a great deal of things, captivating, enchanting, and transporting. Still, no world fascinated us rather like the untitled town where an untitled farmer and his untitled goose foe teed off for a relentless game of “No, fuck you Untitled Goose Game provided a peek into class battle, moral uncertainty, and existential fear, fundamentally redefining what it implies to be a goose on the loose. HONK !! – AF

1. Control

'Control' has such strikingly brutalist architecture.

‘ Control’ has such strikingly brutalist architecture.

Image: treatment home entertainment.

Control is possibly among the simplest Game of the Year chooses we have actually ever made. Everything about it is excellent. The fast-moving action gels increasingly more as protagonist Jesse Faden unlocks a larger series of powers and setups for her strange and highly-relevant-to-the-plot firearm. The story is exceptionally well-written and carried out, with lots of antiques scattered around that lend miles more depth to the unfolding mystery. And the setting is a wondrous present: a forever-transforming secret government facility that dishes out brand-new delights around every corner. There’s likewise the reality that Control is basically a stealth Alan Wake game. Even with some ruthless trouble spikes in the latest stages of the game, this one is our locked-in 2019 Video Game of the Year. What’s not to like? – AR

Respectable Reference: Apple Game

Fantastic games like 'Sayonara Wild Hearts' fill the Apple Arcade.

Great video games like ‘Sayonara Wild Hearts’ fill the Apple Arcade.

Image: simogo, annapurna interactive.

Apple spent years and years after the very first iPhone introduced keeping a respectful professional distance from video games. They were huge service on a young and still-developing App Shop, however they were also for other individuals to make and sell while Apple simply took its typical cut. Apple Arcade— forgive the pun– alters the game. It’s a membership service that provides you access to a library of well more than 100 video games (and growing!) for $5 per month. These are excellent video games, too. Apple’s investing in their advancement and release, and at the same time making sure that customers have a thoroughly curated selection of mobile gaming excellence to pick from. There have been some terrific video games launched in 2019, but there’s no better deal out there right now, and for video gaming fans of every age, than Apple Game. – AR

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Formula 1 world champs Mercedes to partner Group Ineos

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff commemorates with Mercedes’ Formula 1 world champion chauffeur Lewis Hamilton

Six-time Formula 1 contractors’ championship winners Mercedes have agreed a collaboration with Group Ineos’ cycling and sailing divisions.

The partnership will help develop “engineering, human science, simulation and data analysis”.

Ineos – owned by Britain’s wealthiest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe – started sponsoring Team Sky biking in March 2019.

” The technical needs of F1 mean we’re well-placed to support in cruising and biking,” said Mercedes’ Toto Wolff.

F1 world champs Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton as lead motorist, will work alongside Team Ineos’ successful Tour de France group and their sailing division, who desire win the America’s Cup.

Mercedes employer Wolff added: “When Sir Jim Ratcliffe approached us with the concept of combining the 3 organisations, all with tested performance history of excellence and high aspirations for the future, we immediately saw the chance to grow and diversify our service – and to learn from some of the most successful groups in world sport.”

” We are very thrilled about this agreement’s potential in the months and years ahead.”

In addition to founding chemical business Ineos, Ratcliffe owns French football club Nice.

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SpaceX to check unique Starlink satellite targeted at easing astronomers’ worries

When SpaceX properly launched its Starlink program in May 2019, numerous observers lauded the business’s enthusiastic strategy to provide broadband coverage to locations around the world by using thousands of small satellites. And after that the astronomers piped up.

Having actually enjoyed videos of the very first batch of 60 satellites cruising through the night sky, stargazers voiced issues that the brightness of the satellites– if deployed in large numbers– might impact their ability to get a clear view of deep area, and likewise hinder radio wavelengths utilized during the course of their area exploration.

Having listened to astronomers’ worries, SpaceX is now trying to find a service. Speaking to reporters at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, on Friday, Gwynne Shotwell, the business’s president and chief running officer, revealed that a person of the 60 satellites slated for implementation before completion of this year will have an unique finishing on it developed to make it less reflective when sun rays hit it. If it works, future Starlink satellites could all receive the very same finishing.

” We’ll do experimentation to determine the best method to get this done,” Shotwell stated in comments reported by SpaceNews, adding that SpaceX needs to be sure the finishing doesn’t negatively impact the satellite’s performance.

Astronomers need to do their work

The SpaceX executive stated that while it may be interesting to identify a Starlink satellite in the night sky, it is likewise essential for astronomers to be able to do their work without disturbance. She also kept in mind the importance of keeping the skies clear for the younger generation in order to motivate a long-term interest in space.

Speaking frankly, Shotwell confessed that the problem concerning the brightness of the satellites had actually been a surprise for everybody, stating, “No one thought of this.

SpaceX is aiming to release batches of 60 satellites every two to three weeks over the next 12 months, a rate that ought to produce adequate protection to supply international broadband by the middle of2020 Far, the business has introduced 2 batches– one in May2019 and the other in November 2019

In competition with SpaceX, other business such as Facebook, Amazon, and SoftBank-backed OneWeb are also interested in using satellites to build broadband services, therefore astronomers are not surprisingly keen to find an early service that can be embraced by all of those included.

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Google reveals how many miles its Street View cars have driven to date

As if you didn’t already know it, Google’s Street View cars have been going here, there, and everywhere since the first camera-equipped vehicle took to the streets more than a decade ago.

The web giant has just revealed that Street View has now captured more than 10 million miles of imagery from around the world, a distance which, if driven in a straight line, would circle Earth more than 400 times.

Speaking to Cnet about hitting the 10-million-mile mark, Google’s Ethan Russell described imagery as being “at the core of everything we do.”

After years of using only its Street View cars to capture content, the service expanded to Trekker backpack cameras to grab imagery from off-road locations as diverse as the Grand Canyon, London’s Westminster Abbey, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

And if the Trekker can’t get the job done, the team sticks cameras on everything from trikes and boats to camels and ziplines.

Over the years, the service has spawned hundreds of “you won’t believe what we found on Street View” posts from news sites around the world — oh look, here’s one from Digital Trends!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing, though, with Google’s Street View cars occasionally crashing during their explorations. The company also landed in hot water a few years back when it emerged its vehicles had been scraping personal data from private Wi-Fi networks, though Google described the data collection as “inadvertent.”

There are still many countries where Street View has yet to gather data, including most African nations and China, with the latter’s tight control of the internet — and ban on Google services — meaning the situation isn’t set to change anytime soon.

While there are several alternative services to Street View, they have not yet reached the kind of coverage achieved by Google’s offering. Apple, for example, has started building its own database of imagery, but has a long way to go to catch Google.

The Mountain View, California-based company also revealed that Google Maps now covers 98% of the locations in the world where people live. Developing significantly from its early days as a simple navigation app, Maps offers a growing list of features that have come to make it an indispensable app for most smartphone users.

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Podcast # 571: The Voyage of Character

in: Podcast

December 23, 2019

Great character is tough to define in the abstract, but simple to determine when it’s embodied in the lives of great individuals. In order to illuminate what worthwhile character looks like, my visitor today has actually composed a book which consists of profiles of 10 of history’s most significant admirals, marking out both their inspiring and problematic qualities, along with how these qualities intersected with their ability to lead. His name is Admiral James Stavridis, he served as the leader of United States Southern Command, United States European Command, and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and is now the dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. On today’s show, the admiral speak about a lot of the figures in his latest book, Cruising Real North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character, consisting of Themistocles, Sir Francis Drake, Horatio Nelson, and Chester Nimitz. We have a look at what these people succeeded, what they did improperly, and how their qualities, choices, qualities, and overall ethical compass affected their leadership and impact.

Program Emphasizes

  • The distinction between leadership and character (and why they’re frequently incorrectly utilized interchangeably)
  • The complicated reality of human nature, and how we can learn even from failures of character and management
  • Who was Themistocles? What can we gain from him?
  • What about ancient Chinese commander Zheng He?
  • Sir Francis Drake’s decisiveness
  • Why Horatio Nelson was maybe the best admiral of perpetuity
  • What we can gain from the scholastic Alfred Thayer Mahan
  • Why was Chester Nimitz the “admiral’s admiral”?
  • Grace Hopper and the power of intellectual interest

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Connect With Admiral James Stavridis

Admiral Stavridis on Twitter

Admiral Stavridis’ site

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