Marco Bitran – Tips on How to Create a Modern Garden

Marco Bitran

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Most people love beautiful gardens especially if you have your own house with a big yard. To create a modern garden you will need money, time and all the patience in the world. When creating a modern garden you have to do a lot of searching to see which flowers can be used for your garden and when it must be planted.

  • Landscaping is important.

Landscaping is one of the key things you will need to do before you start. It is important to decide how and where you want your garden. A modern garden needs the right type of sand, potting soil and seedlings. You will also need some decorative stones, crafting and pots to plant the seedlings in. It’s always better to buy plants that you love. Find out from your nursery which plants or flowers are garden friendly and in season.

  • Buy plants and garden paving tiles in bulk

Most of the gardening products that you will need are available at selected gardening stores and nurseries. It is best to buy paving tiles in bulk so you don’t have to go back to the store again. Most of the times you won’t find the same thing you bought the previous time or at the same price. To create a beautiful garden you need to have all the right products. If you already have grass planted then you can focus on where to place the walkway paving tiles.

  • Add cobblestones to the design of your modern garden

If you are using cobblestones, measure your garden and get enough for the passageway and other areas where you are going to lay it. There are a variety of cobbles available. You will find the Roma Random, Cornwall, Bastille, Canterbury, Porto and Piazza cobbles. You can decide afterwards if you want to get them painted or to just leave them as they are.

  • Get help when creating your garden

Putting a garden together is not an easy task, but you can get help from a friend or family member. Alternatively you can hire a professional gardener who knows about plants and paving tiles. This will also allow you to get more objective ideas as to what will suit your garden.

  • Neatness is important

Always keep your grass short so that it won’t grow too high and cover your plants. If you have a swimming pool in that area it’s best to put gallery flagstones or copings around it. This will prevent the grass from growing too close to your pool. Gallery copings will create neat edges on a window pane where there is a bed of plants. Watering your garden at sunset is also advised. The sun won’t draw up all the water and your garden will grow beautifully. In addition, make sure that you use a good pesticide to ensure that insects don’t enter your beautiful garden and destroy what you’ve been creating.

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