Marco Bitran – What Exactly is a Potting Bench?

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Photo by Marco Bitran

The sunshine greets us once again after winter’s deep slumber. The trees, air, and plants come to life once more as we approach the living world once again. This, of course, means it is time once again to think about bringing your potted plants to life, and resurrecting your own outdoor paradise. And as you consider bring potted plants back from the dead, it is time to equally consider bringing a potting bench to be part of your deck furnishings.

Everyone enjoys having their own blend of eleven (plus or minus) herbs and spices, especially when they are freshly grown from your very own secret garden. Flowers provide a warm and welcoming touch to every patio as well – there is nothing as glorious and glamorous as stepping out to be greeted by the gentle scent of these aromatic beauties.

While these are all grand ideas that dance through your head as you stop to think about the wonderful summer months, only one problem turns your dreams into nightmares: the idea of keeping them all perfectly spaced throughout your patio. After all, your plants need to go somewhere – otherwise, they would be a mess of dirt and vines taking over your deck and nobody wants that. You can place them around the edge of your patio, but then you run the risk of watching your plants get kicked off the edge. Your herbs and spices can be planted in the ground, but then are subject to the constant attacks of vermin, both of the insect and furred varieties. This is where a potting bench can be very helpful.

As you consider adding this valuable piece to your patio furniture lineup, the first thing you could be asking yourself is “What, exactly, is a potting bench?” This is only followed by “Why do I even need one?” There are many reasons that this is a necessity for your patio. First off, are you tired of making a mess wherever you work on plants at? Don’t like bending down to tend for and pull weeds from plants? Are you frustrated by your flowers and herbs dying over and over again because of bug and pest infestations? If you answered yes to any of the above, you need a potting bench.

A potting bench can serve as a perfect place to display your plants to all your guests as they come to your home. Why let the plants be a passive part of your display, when they can have a prominent space on your patio? You can use your bench to not only keep potted plants organized in one place, but you will also creating a living space on your patio that serves as a great place to keep organized.

Not only does a potting bench serve as a great place to display your plants, but it also serves as an excellent work space for all of your potted plants. Instead of crawling down on your hands and knees to plant and water the flowers and herbs that you love, the plants come to you – working at your comfortable height and level, instead of forcing you to get down, dirty, and downright uncomfortable. Furthermore, it also serves as a great place to store all your gardening tools. Why keep your garden trowel in once place, potting soil in another, and plant bulbs inside, when all three can be at the same place, where you plan on doing your work?

Now that you know what a potting bench is, consider the advantages to getting one. Knowing how it can help you, and what purpose it can serve are the main factors in determining why and how a potting bench can best serve you!

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