Marco Bitran: Which Is Better: Natural or Artificial?


Anything done against the will of Nature has deleterious effects on the inhabitants of Earth. Cutting down the forests resulted in climatic change and ecological imbalance. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers renders the soil unfit for agriculture through the destruction of soil organisms and fertility. The suction of ground water without augmenting the storage has resulted in the seepage and the intrusion of seawater. Gas emission from the earth leads to the rise in atmospheric temperature and the gradual melting of glaciers and snow across the planet. The eight common and modern life practices are given hereunder to understand the significance of natural materials.

Coloring: Use of synthetic dyes for hair coloration produces allergy and health problems as well. In the same way, use of artificial dyes in industrial activities like refinery, tannery, cosmetics, textiles, paper, etc. has harmful effects of pollution and contamination.

Cooling: Air conditioner and refrigerator are good for temporary relief but cause health problems like allergy and sinusitis in the long run. Natural perspiration is forced to cease and the normal excretion of waste from the body through sweat and the resultant self-cooling effect is curtailed. The fan is better but dries up the water in our body. A lot of energies is wasted in the manufacture and use of these machines. Moreover, the gases released by them destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere facilitating the hazardous UV rays hit the earth.

Conveyance: Any vehicle tends to produce pollution, heat and obesity. In addition, the fatality from speeding, human errors and technical failure of vehicles is not unavoidable. There was no incidence of accident and pollution, and no necessity for insurance during the past when the animal-driven vehicles were in vogue.

Clothing: Synthetic fibers do not allow the body to transpire the sweat naturally, but generates heat. Chemicals that go to the making of these fibers also cause harmful effects through pollution of air and contamination of surface and subsurface water sources. The clothes made from natural cotton, silk and wool are safe at all times.

Reshaping: Plastic surgery and liposuction techniques are employed to restructure and beautify the human body. Slimming centers make huge money from the obesity of many people. Just by following the proven old methods like doing the household works, breastfeeding, restricted-eating, hard-work, etc., people can stay in good shape and health.

Foods: Carbonated, junk and artificially flavored foods create health problems like obesity, stomach disorder, and cancer among other things. Foods from crops raised with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides affect the physical growth and mental development. Organic farming based on natural manures and inputs aim to solve this issue.

Medicines: Cures made from chemical formulations have harmful side and residual effects. Those prepared from natural materials like leaves, fruits, and roots do not disturb and destabilize the metabolism of our body. They do the dual role of curing the disease and rejuvenating the mind and body: a holistic remedy.

Cleaning: The market is flooded with several detergents, acids and powders to keep our household clean and neat. Aerosols and sprays are available to make the air and other spaces free from bad odor and insects. Inhalation and ingestion of the chemical ingredients of these cleaning agents cause several disorders like cancer and diseases in the long run.

Humans have great imagination and talents to simulate the nature, but cannot match the originality of nature. Colors of Rainbow, Aroma of Coffee, Hives of Bees, and such things cannot be recreated. Even if done, such products are less efficient and inimical to the life. For instance, Cloud seeding has yielded rainfall in a few places only. However, to meet the growing demands of the surging population, certain artificial methods have become indispensable and unavoidable.

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