• A couple cruising the Atlantic had no clue the coronavirus pandemic was sweeping the globe.
  • It wasn’t till the couple attempted to dock at an island and were turned away that they realized something was up.
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I remember a few years ago I came up with what I thought was an initial property for a TELEVISION program or a motion picture. As I pictured it, a full-on nuclear world war breaks out and decimates the planet. Airplanes that took place to be in the air at the time ultimately land and the passengers discover themselves returning to a world that is not the same as they left it. But as it turns out, there was currently a Stephen King book that basically covered that specific same plot.

What’s wild, however, is that the story above– in a basic sense– really played out recently in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. As initially reported by the BBC, a couple from the UK were busy sailing throughout the Atlantic over the previous couple of weeks and were totally unconcerned to what was taking place throughout the world.

The report communicates that Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne embarked on their journey in February, and though they had actually heard reports of a strange virus in China, they naturally didn’t think much of it.

From early February through mid-March, the couple gladly traveled across the water and had no hint that the mysterious virus had actually transformed into a global issue that brought a few of the world’s most significant economies to a standstill. Part of the problem was that they told friends and family not to inform them any bad news while they were enjoying their getaway.

When the couple tried to dock at a little island in the Caribbean a few weeks back, nevertheless, they discovered that the borders were closed.

” We first tried to land in one of the French areas in the Caribbean but when we arrived we discovered all the borders were closed and the islands were closing down,” Osborne stated.

The couple then returned to the water and when they lastly struck a location where there was a strong 4G connection, they lastly started to learn more about the toll the pandemic was handling the world.

Currently, Manighetti and Osborne remain in Saint Vincent, a small island in the Caribbean nestled between Barbados and Grenada. Obviously, the issue now is that the couple is stuck there for the time being as the coronavirus has made travel all but difficult. In the meantime, the couple is planning to stay in Saint Vincent however hope that they’ll be able to leave previously June.

Image Source: Petr Kovalenkov

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