A Sailor’s EDC: Comparing the Victorinox Skipper and Skipper Pro

Cruising season is over, so I’ve been decompressing and assessing some of the gear I used this past year. When you think of sailing knives Victorinox may not be the business that springs to mind, however they have some solid dedicated cruising models in their Skipper lineup.

I have actually been using their original Skipper for years and I enjoy it. During the last two seasons I have actually also had an opportunity to utilize a Skipper Pro

First, let me state that I’m a licensed sea and lakes sailor, in addition to being a cruising instructor in the past.

The Skipper

Skipper Body 01

The “routine” Skipper design is an excellent choice for lake sailing or a small family-sized sailboat you ‘d take day-cruising along the coast.

In addition to the serrated blade, the Skipper includes precision pliers that are excellent for manipulating safety pins, little bolts, nuts and other products. The Skipper’s routine shackle secret appropriates for most shackles you’ll discover on these type of boats.

The marlin spike that’s included works excellent on ropes from a half to three-quarter inch in diameter.

The blade of the Skipper doesn’t work well one-handed, however this isn’t really required when cruising for enjoyment on something like a lake. In these situations there’s seldom a storm that will cause you to only have one hand available.

When to Choose the Skipper Pro

Skipper Pro Body 03

On a lot of lakes (other than perhaps the largest in Canada) you can typically return to the security of a marina or a bank within a couple hours. So with a weather alarm on your watch, phone or weather condition station it’s simple to prevent a storm. If you get caught in a storm, it’s generally your own fault even if you don’t have these modern gadgets. (Hint: Look for dark clouds.)

However if you’re setting out in your boat and plan on being days far from strong ground, the Skipper Pro is what you ought to consider. Imagine setting out on an eighty foot long, two-mast sailing ship, or something even larger.

On such a boat the folding shackle key and small pliers of the Skipper will be primarily worthless, as most of these ships will have bolts 8-10 mm’s in diameter. This is where the Skipper Pro will shine. In addition, the Pro accommodates ropes up to a full inch or more and consists of a severe marlin spike.

Finally, the Skipper Pro provides an advantage when utilizing it one-handed. Storms and other rough weather condition need that a person of your hands be readily available as a life support group. Whether that’s when you’re roped to the deck or are grabbing the railing as you move about, you’ll require to dedicate among your hands to these jobs. Keep in mind, this type of weather can last for hours or perhaps days. (My longest stay on deck throughout a storm was more than 24 hours on a 65 foot yawl ship.)

Some Shared Features

Both knives feature a bottle screw that I really delight in. (Specifically when investing leisure time at the marina.) They likewise both include a flathead screwdriver, as well as a smaller one on the can opener. The Skipper does include a dedicated Philips screwdriver, which I certainly missed on the Pro. I’m uncertain why they didn’t include it especially as there’s space below the massive marlin spike.

The cork-screw on the Skipper isn’t something I find useful, specifically as Sailor’s beverage grog!


Both the Skipper and Skipper Pro are excellent tools that work exactly as they’re designed. If you’re an inland sailor cruising from island to island, grab the Skipper and take pleasure in more tools with less weight and a slimmer profile. However if you’re a professional sailor on a big yacht, the Skipper Pro is a no-brainer for your on-deck work. If you’re like me though, you might just pick up both for the fun of it.

He’s also known as an edged tools specialist. Now he continues his family custom and shows his kids how to live a complete life in the excellent outdoors; teaching them survival abilities, shooting and archery.

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