The very best hard disks for NAS enclosures are created to run 24/ 7 and provide strong everyday efficiency. Brands like Seagate and Western Digital now use a number of NAS-focused hard disks that excel at long-term reliability, with the Seagate IronWolf in specific sticking out. These are the very best hard drives you can buy for your NAS today– I have actually utilized all the drives on this list, and considering I have a 120 TB house server, I understand a thing or 2 about choosing the best HDD for a NAS enclosure.

Really outstanding

Seagate IronWolf

Staff Pick.

I’ve been using 2 14 TB IronWolf drives for simply under a year, and they’re rock-solid in 24/ 7 usage. All IronWolf drives also feature CMR tech and come with a 3-year guarantee as standard, and are ideal for NAS enclosures with up to 8 bays.

From $60 at Amazon

Still great, with a caution

Western Digital Red

SMR is slower and normally not as trustworthy as CMR, so if you are interested in a Red drive, make sure you’re getting a drive that’s identified CMR. You can get a 2TB, 3TB, or 4TB Red drive that utilizes CMR right now, and as long as you’re buying a CMR Red drive, you will not have any problems.

From $95 at Amazon

Ideal for SOHO users

Seagate IronWolf Pro

Seagate’s IronWolf Pro drives are ideal for little office/home office (SOHO) users. You’ll likewise get Seagate’s drive health management system and two-year data recovery service as requirement. These drives are preferably fit for use in up to a 24- bay NAS enclosure and come with a 300 TB/year work ranking and 1.2 million hours imply time between failures (MTBF).

From $95 at Amazon

Long-term stability

WD Red Pro

WD’s Red Pro is the perfect upgrade to the basic Red series. These drives also feature WD’s NASware 3.0 for tighter integration with NAS enclosures and don’t get loud or hot. If you’re looking at a NAS for your house office, these are the perfect tough drives to slot into the enclosure.

From $100 at Amazon

The gold requirement

WD Gold

The WD Gold series is intended at data centers, and as such, these drives are preferably matched for NAS use cases. You get 2.5 million hours suggest time between failures (MTBF), 550 TB/year workload score (three times as much as routine IronWolf drives), and a 5-year warranty as requirement.

From $78 at Amazon

Build your own data center

Seagate Exos

Seagate Exos is what you rely on if you want information center-like dependability for your office. These drives feature a 550 TB/year work rating, 2 million hours imply time before failures (MTBF), and a 5-year warranty as standard. They have rotational vibration tolerance, integrated efficiency functions, and deal consecutive checks out of over 249 MB/s. They’re extremely similar to the WD Gold, and the difference comes down to selecting whatever brand name you’re more comfortable using.

From $91 at Amazon

Rock-solid dependability

Toshiba N300

These drives have a 180 TB/year work score along with rotational vibrations sensors and built-in controls to identify extreme heat. Toshiba offers a 3-year guarantee for the drives as standard, and they’re available in setups from 4TB to 14 TB.

$170 at Amazon

A great deal

WD Easystore 8TB

Look, this isn’t a traditional difficult drive, but WD’s Easystore enclosures are great value for cash. Just buy the enclosure, read these instructions on how to chuck the drive, and you have a 10 TB or 12 TB hard drive for substantially less than retail price.

$135 at Best Buy

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