Romanian Cobbler Grigore Lup discovered that individuals weren’t following the guidelines of social distancing at his regional market, so he decided to make long-nosed shoes as a reaction. His Euro size 75 shoes are specifically developed to keep people apart, “If two people using these shoes were dealing with each other, there would be almost one-and-a-half metres in between them.”


Lup, who said he adapted the long footwear from a design he made for stars, stated he had actually so far gotten 5 orders for social distancing shoes.

It takes him two days to make a pair, which requires almost one square metre of leather. They cost 500 lei ($115) a pair.

Now 55, Lup first began making shoes when he was 16, learning from a cobbler who at 93 today still makes standard ethnic Hungarian shoes.

image through Incaltaminte din piele

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