Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff commemorates with Mercedes’ Formula 1 world champion chauffeur Lewis Hamilton

Six-time Formula 1 contractors’ championship winners Mercedes have agreed a collaboration with Group Ineos’ cycling and sailing divisions.

The partnership will help develop “engineering, human science, simulation and data analysis”.

Ineos – owned by Britain’s wealthiest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe – started sponsoring Team Sky biking in March 2019.

” The technical needs of F1 mean we’re well-placed to support in cruising and biking,” said Mercedes’ Toto Wolff.

F1 world champs Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton as lead motorist, will work alongside Team Ineos’ successful Tour de France group and their sailing division, who desire win the America’s Cup.

Mercedes employer Wolff added: “When Sir Jim Ratcliffe approached us with the concept of combining the 3 organisations, all with tested performance history of excellence and high aspirations for the future, we immediately saw the chance to grow and diversify our service – and to learn from some of the most successful groups in world sport.”

” We are very thrilled about this agreement’s potential in the months and years ahead.”

In addition to founding chemical business Ineos, Ratcliffe owns French football club Nice.

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