In 2015, when McCue was named the captain of a slightly smaller ship– the 2,158- traveler Star Top– she became the very first American female (and fifth female total) to command a mega cruise ship.

” You can put a boat on a ship, but you can’t put a ship on a boat,” she stated.

To McCue, ship life is like being in a bubble

Captain Kate

McCue brings a mermaid tail on every journey.


” Whatever’s better on the ship.

McCue’s interest in cruise ships goes back to when she was 12 years old

McCue said she ended up being interested in cruises after going on a voyage with her household.

Captain Kate

McCue calls the ship her “bubble.”.
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When many people think of the task of a ship captain, they think of hours spent looking out to sea and pressing around a big wooden steering wheel, however that’s not actually what she does at all

” We don’t sit on the bridge”– the ship’s command center– “for hours on end, due to the fact that we’ve in fact done that,” McCue said.

She described that she’s in charge of all the ship’s department heads, who report directly to her and include a primary engineer, a hotel director, a personnel captain responsible for security and ship upkeep, and a human-resources supervisor.

kate mccue

” I believe the trick to a pleased marriage is 12 time zones,” McCue joked.


Due to the fact that of the nature of her task, she doesn’t get to see her spouse, an engineer she satisfied while working on a various ship, every day

” I think the trick to a pleased marriage is 12 time zones,” McCue stated, including that she sees her hubby of 13 years more now by means of FaceTime than they did when they both worked on the exact same ship.

Doing the mathematics, McCue stated that when her other half joins her for a New Year’s cruise, they’ll have seen each other for 49 days in 2019.

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On March 8, for International Women’s Day, McCue will be sailing a ship staffed by an all-women bridge and officer group

The captain stated Star Cruises has been working hard to get more female representation on board.

” We’ve gone from a 3?male bridge team to over 22%on every single ship in our fleet.

While the job is requiring, according to McCue, it has its advantages.


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