Design studio Kauppi & Kauppi, also called Johan Kauppi and Nina Kauppi, have actually joined forces for the first time with Swedish furnishings manufacturer Karl Andersson & Söner to create a collection of wood ottomans. Inspiration was found in a sailing trip to the Danish island of Læsø, which you’ll keep in mind in the island-like style of each piece that launched at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair.

Offered in 3 sizes with 3 optional devices, the Hygge collection is designed to accommodate different needs and can handle one, two, or more seated people. The familial ties between the various choices are thanks to the incredible woodwork and craftsmanship of Karl Andersson & Söner that make up the legs of each ottoman. Group different ottomans together for a main conference area, then think about adding either the small round individual table or the long table to develop a much more welcoming setting.

The Hygge family of furniture is developed to leave a great deal of alternatives open for the interior designers to play. Its versatility in usage, performance, and expression will easy lend itself to interiors in a broad range of designs. Totally worn black it will signify a minimalistic and strong mindset, while a blond soft material and surface area choice will emphasize and flirt more with the Scandi-soft tradition.

— Johan Kauppi

Pictures by Kauppi & Kauppi and Sam Sylvén.

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