I’m about three hours into a deep wallow in new US Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s blog site and– spoiler alert– it’s a hot mess filled with bigotry, Islamophobia, and right-wing conspiracy theories.

The website– whose name changed from RealReaganConservative.Com to PoliticalProspect.com– appears to have gone into “upkeep mode” back in 2016, which naturally coincides with Trump’s election. It appears McEnany had a lot to state about African Americans, liberals, Muslims (with a particular emphasis on Palestinians), and Christian conspiracy theories.

In fact, a number of stories that were obviously released for public usage throughout the lifespan of the blog have, apparently, been deliberately scrubbed.

This adds up. It’s not the sort of website you desire everybody in the country unexpectedly browsing when you have actually ended up being the United States Press Secretary.

Let’s simply dive in, shall we?

The first page I attempted to open was from 2011 and entitled “Kayleigh on the project trail.” In some way, its contents have been lost to time:

The next one I tried to open was “Conservative services to liberal delusions” from 2013, it lead to a various mistake page:

Lastly however, I managed to discover some pages that worked and it was smooth cruising after that. If you consider checking out a non-stop barrage of substandard writing, piss-poor reporting, outright bigotry, and a penetrating hatred for Islam as “smooth cruising.”

I do not normally slam fellow “ reporters,” but considering that I’m punching way, way, method, up here I believe it’s okay. We all make errors, however the very first article on her website that I got to load was a diatribe ( initially published on The Blaze) she composed promoting a debunked Columbine Shooting conspiracy theory:

Just moments after she sat down, Rachel Joy Scott was shot in the leg.

Rachel said yes.

And the shooter, who she had actually lovingly shared Christ’s word with simply three weeks earlier, shot her in the head and ended her life.

It’s a terrible story that’s been retold many times by both well-meaning and intentionally-misleading spiritual folks. It’s suggested to show Christian martyrdom. And it’s incorrect

The next article I clicked demonstrated a level of outright racism usually scheduled for confidential message boards. In July of 2013 McEnany penned an article entitled “ A Salute to the Country’s First “White” African-American President.” Here’s a dreadful quote from her piece:

On March 22, 2012, the New York Times broke the biggest story in their “remarkable” history.

The piece concludes with the following declaration:

Here at Political Possibility, we refuse to groupify, categorize, and divide this country.

I’m not cherry-picking here. That’s the entire short article:

Here’s another from 2011 called “ Are Islam and Democracy Compatible in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring?” It’s tough to inform just what the future Press Secretary is attempting to say in this piece. It goes from this:

Those of you who know me may be conscious that The Economist is my absolute preferred publication hands down.

But this week, in a special report on the compatibility of Islam and democracy, they were far too kind to the Islamists. The publication acknowledges the liberal view, which questions whether Islam and democracy can exist side-by-side, but there is clearly an undertone of protecting the concept that Islam and democracy can work.

To this:

The bottom line is this. For democracy to flourish there should be civil liberties. Carrying out Sharia law at the national level can not be a choice.

And what’s in between is a semi-coherent rant about how Muslim extremists will always try to acquire more power. I prompt you to read it on your own in it’s whole.

There’s also this article that claims a Palestinian market displaying a quote from the Quran about Jesus serving Allah (God) is a sign of all Muslim’s bigotry towards Christians. It tries to back this claim up with a photo of a T-shirt revealing the nation of Israel curtained in the Palestinian flag being offered in the same market.

Hidden amongst these posts is a consistent diet of amusing political commentary that hasn’t aged very well. In this article she decries that Republicans are no longer the celebration of “family worths” after GOP Congressman Mark Sanford won reelection in2013 Here’s a fun bit:

While the rest of the nation commemorated Father’s Day, Sanford’s 4 boys had no father to commemorate with.

And, naturally, I’ve discovered a minimum of 5 short articles demonizing President Barrack Obama and the Democrats for adding the deficit– something that’s reached a record high under her new manager President Donald Trump. Here’s a quote from one she composed in 2013:

It’s a well-known fact that President Obama has no regard for the US National Financial Obligation. The careless increase in our nation’s debt under this president is apparent, ignorant, and harmful.

She then goes on to state “the realities” about Obama’s costs, which are bullet points that have actually obviously been secured of context and utilized for political impact.

This is simply the idea of the iceberg. I have actually barely scratched the surface here and, honestly, it’s only a matter of time before a much bigger editorial group reads the entire archive and drops a bombshell report.

The concern is, offered the business Press Secretary McEnany keeps now, will any of this even matter?

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