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Marco Bitran Discusses The Steps to Becoming a Pilot in Boston, MA

Are you dreaming of becoming a pilot and making your journey to Boston, Massachusetts? Could you ever think in life that you will be working for your dream company? Boston is one of the most popular cities in Massachusetts and has many companies hiring pilots every year.

Marco Bitran Discusses The Costs of Medical Tourism

According to a study done by researchers at The University of Michigan, 50% of Americans who used international/medical tourism services to seek treatment for ailments like heart disease & cancer did so because they could not find a comparable level of care in their home regions.

Marco Bitran Shares Ways to Make General Aviation More Affordable

Flying is generally regarded as an expensive hobby reserved for people of means. Purchasing a new four-seater aircraft can cost as much as $1 million. However, there are many ways to get into flying that do not cost nearly as much and afford the same level of enjoyment as owning a high-end private plane.

Marco Bitran Shares Tips On How To Turn Your Ideas Into A Business

You have an idea in mind, and you’re ready to make it a reality. Good for you! But how do you turn your idea into a successful business? That’s when the real work begins. Almost anyone can have an idea but turning that idea into a profitable business is a different story.

Marco Bitran Explains: Why Is Affordable Housing Necessary In Today’s Housing Market?

The 21st century has ushered in an era of unparalleled technological advancement and increasing globalization. At the same time, there has been a concurrent increase in income inequality across the globe. In fact, according to Weforum, 52% of the income goes to the richest 10% of the world population, while the poorest half received nothing.

Marco Bitran Discusses New Affordable Housing Development in Roxbury, Boston

Entrepreneur and founding principal of Isalia Property Group, Marco Bitran, is pleased to announce that he has partnered with Madison Park and The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts on the development of an income-restricted affordable housing project. Given the high rents in many Urban environments, many families are struggling to afford the necessary accommodations they need to live comfortably.

Marco Bitran Shares the Importance of Free Medical Flights Provided by Volunteers

Free air transportation services provide an important supplement to the nation’s healthcare system. Services like Angel Flight and PALS allow patients to receive medical care in physically distanced locations when they would otherwise not afford transportation.

How People Can Support Free Medical Flight Services According to Marco Bitran

Every day, free medical flights provided by volunteers are making a huge difference in how patients receive treatment from the best doctors and hospitals. Angel Flight and PALS are a few examples of the many organizations providing free flights to patients with demonstrated medical and financial needs.

A Discussion With Marco Bitran on Re-Building Local Communities

Marco Bitran is a successful entrepreneur and a principal of Isalia Property Group – a real estate development company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT, Marco quickly recognized his passion for the business landscape.

What Does Success Look Like to You? – Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran is an entrepreneur and real estate investor based out of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from MIT, he went on to pursue a wide range of business opportunities for several industry-leading organizations including, Qualcomm and Morgan Stanley.

Marco Bitran Discusses Why People are Attracted to The Entrepreneurial Life

People choose to become entrepreneurs for many different reasons. According to Boston, MA, entrepreneur Marco Bitran, some people are interested in the financial benefits that can arise from a successful start-up, but others enjoy the freedom their business gives them. Some people enjoy the process of starting a business as much as they do running one.

Marco Bitran Discusses the Importance of Free Medical Transportation Services in New Feature Article

Marco Bitran is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Isalia Property Group - a real estate management business based out of Boston, Massachusetts. While most of his time is spent managing his company, Marco is also an active member of his local community.

Marco Bitran Is Spotlighted in New Online Interview

Marco Bitran is a thriving entrepreneur and investor operating out of Boston, Massachusetts. Having been in the real estate landscape for over a decade, Marco takes the time to shed some light on his ongoing business initiatives. In a recent interview, he claims that he has partnered with various development corporations to help underserved communities.

Marco Bitran Discusses The Difficulties of Flying With Medical Conditions

Marco Bitran volunteers for Patient Airlift Services and Angel Flight NorthEast. These agencies provide pro bono flight services to those who are in need of medical or other assistance, and have difficulty traveling by car or on commuter flights due to distance, financial or health issues, or otherwise. Flying is not always easy for everyone.

Founder of Isalia Property Group Marco Bitran Is Featured on Industry Elites

Boston-based entrepreneur and investor, Marco Bitran, was recently featured in an online interview where he answers questions about his professional achievements. As the founder and principal of Isalia Property Group, Marco is helping rebuild local communities in the Boston area.

Marco Bitran Shares Ways to Make General Aviation More Affordable in New Online Article

Marco Bitran is an experienced entrepreneur and the principal of Isalia Property Group, a Boston-based real estate investment company. As an active member of his local community, Marco Bitran is also a certified commercial pilot and spends much of his free time volunteering for organizations.

A Discussion With Marco Bitran On Creating Professional Opportunities and Strengthening Local Communities

Marco Bitran is an entrepreneur with a wide range of interests that has led him to a successful career in real estate investments and development. With degrees from MIT and Harvard Business School, Bitran initially thought his future would be in engineering, but when an investment opportunity showed unexpected promise, he changed course and hasn’t looked back.

An Interview with Marco Bitran Co-Founder of Isalia Property Group

Marco Bitran is an entrepreneur based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Whether meeting with potential investors or searching for new and exciting business opportunities, Marco Bitran strives to leave an impact on everyone he meets. When he and his wife created Isalia Property Group, they had no idea just how successful or impactful it would become for their family and their community. More than a decade later, they continue to grow.

Boston-Based Entrepreneur Marco Bitran Launches Personal Website

Marco Bitran is an entrepreneur and one of the principals of Isalia Property Group - a real estate development company focused on re-building local communities. With decades of professional experience, Marco is proud to announce the launch of his official website

Marco Bitran Shares Ways to Save Money While Getting Your Private Pilot’s License

Typically, the cost of a private pilot’s license in the United States runs at about $10,000. However, there are ways to save money on your private pilot’s license so that you can apply your cash to the purchase or lease of a small plane or other amenities like hangar space.