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Sometimes, you can relax by proxy if you’re lucky enough to happen upon the right set of sounds or images. There are plenty of people who’ve figured out that ASMR videos of turtles eating food or a fake nurse whispering her way through a COVID exam do it for them, but some of us can only be calmed by more powerful stuff—stuff like a cat in a plastic container floating around a bathtub like a little sailor.

Ahsoka The Adventure Cat, like so many modern cats, has an Instagram account devoted entirely to pictures and videos of her just hanging out, being cute. Her social media presence is elevated, though, by the fact that she likes to climb into a plastic container and float around a bathtub in it. This has been thoroughly detailed in a Reddit thread by Ahsoka’s owner, “aquickcupofcoffee,” who posted that their cat begs to climb into the box and join her for baths.

After screenshots by @HooiWanV went viral on the sheer strength of them providing a description and image of Ahsoka enjoying what looks like the most relaxing sensation possible, the cat got her own Reddit in order to provide a steady stream of updates. Back on Instagram, though, we see evidence that Ahsoka’s fascination with The Deep goes much further than just floating in containers. A born mariner, she’s also been pictured on a raft, wearing a tiny cat-sized life jacket, while exploring one of our planet’s larger, naturally-occurring bathtubs.

As adorable as this may be, nothing compares to the brain-soothing effects of the original video. Watching Ahsoka bob around, curled up against herself as she watches the bubbles float by, we feel a deep sense of peace unrivaled by any other videos of bizarre cat antics the internet’s ever given us.

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