Sarah Grossman, 22, died after being tear-gassed by police in Columbus, Ohio, reports the Dayton Daily News. Two days passed between her exposure to the gas and pepper spray and her death, but both family and investigators suspect a connection. Local authorities aren’t denying it, adds the New York Post.

Grossman’s body showed no signs of lethal trauma and the only medical condition mentioned in the preliminary records is an allergy to peanuts, the paper reported.

“Police did use gasses to disperse crowds that night. We haven’t received an official complaint, nor have investigators in Montgomery County talked to (Columbus police),” city spokeswoman Robin Davis told the Dayton Daily News.

“Again, we encourage anyone who was with her at the protest or on May 29 or 30 before she went to Sycamore to talk to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or (Columbus police),” she added.

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